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Interested in building and buying your own home? Do you have the commitment necessary to maintain your home? Are you interested in forming community with your new neighbors?

Habitat for Humanity, Abilene builds homes in partnership with qualifying low-income partner families and sells the homes at no profit with zero percent interest mortgages. Families work alongside volunteers to construct their own home and the homes of other Habitat families. Additionally, families are prepared for successful homeownership through homeowner education and budgeting courses.


Compared to children of renters of the same age, income, race, etc., the children of homeowners: Overall, homeownership provides stability for children. They stay in the same schools and parents invest more time in developing positive relationships with neighbors and the community.*
*Source: “Homeownership and Child Welfare,” David R. Barker, Eric Miller. Real Estate Economics. 37:6, 2009.

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Proud Homeowners

Are you interested in partnering with Habitat?

Abilene Habitat for Humanity is looking for our next partner family! Check out our “How to Qualify” section to see if Habitat is right for you!

How to Qualify:

Step 1. Do you qualify?

Abilene Habitat is seeking families who demonstrate a need for housing, the ability to pay a mortgage, and a willingness to partner.

Your family must meet the 2018 Income Guidelines:
Family Size Minimum Annual Income Maximum Annual Income
1 $21,900 $35,000
2 $25,000 $40,000
3 $28,150 $45,000
4 $31,250 $50,000
5 $33,750 $54,000
6 $36,250 $58,000
7 $38,750 $62,000
8 $41,250 $66,000
To place your name on the list to be invited to an orientation, held once a year in the Spring, call our office at 325-670-0489.

Abilene Habitat for Humanity
Attn: Family Services

101 Fulwiler Rd.
Abilene, TX 79603

EMAIL info@abilenehabitat.org

Step 2. Attend an Orientation Session

You will be invited to attend an orientation session. You will find out more about Abilene Habitat’s homeownership program, how to apply and decide if you will be a good fit for the program.

Step 3. Return your application to Abilene Habitat

Our Family Selection Committee evaluates your family’s housing need, ability for responsible homeownership, and financial stability including credit history, debt, and income.

Step 4. Interview

Our Family Selection Committee schedules interviews in our office and in your home to meet your family and see your living conditions.

Step 5. Approval

Our Family Selection Committee identifies qualified families, and submits them to the Board of Directors for final approval.

Step 6. Sweat Equity and Education

If approved, you will attend homebuyer education classes and work 250-400 hours of sweat equity. Sweat equity involves working with family, neighbors, and friends to build Habitat homes including your own.

Step 7. Dedication and Blessing

Habitat staff, volunteers, and donors who have been with you every step of the way gather with your family and friends to dedicate and bless your new home!

Step 8. Lifetime Partnership

After you move in, partner families are expected to remain engaged with Habitat’s mission by staying in good communication with Habitat, making timely mortgage payments, and assuming an active role in their neighborhoods.

Proud Homeowners
Proud Homeowners
Proud Homeowners

“There is no way I could have ever thought this could happen and then God sent angels to show that it can and did!” – Samantha

“I am able to give my kids a chance to grow up in a stable home – a real home – with love, our family, a yard for my boys, and a place for the dog. With Habitat, I am able to give my kids what I had growing up.” – Misti

“Owning a Habitat house is [a] big change and [a] step to be optimistic [about] life. Our children will grow recognizing the help of Habitat.” – Bibasha

“My dream of owning my own home is becoming a reality. Like the saying goes, “Si se puede – it can be done,” and I did it!” – Manuela

“The opportunity to receive a home from Habitat for Humanity has been a life-changing event. It started out as a way to get a home for my girls and me, as well as a chance to help myself. If has turned into an incredible learning experience, an opportunity to make new friends, and a chance to learn skills of independence and cooperation. Habitat has allowed me to be involved in an organization that makes me excited about being able to help others while helping myself.” - Angela

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